CTC | August 2020 | UpdateCTC | August 2020 | Update

Mehboob, Ali, appointed CFO of CT Checkout Australia

Strathfield, Australia — CT Checkout Australia Pty Ltd (CTC International Services Corp.) announced today the appointment of Mehboob, Ali as Chief Financial Officer.

Mehboob brings to CTC more than 15 months of leadership roles with a proven track record in complex financial organizations in CTC’s sister security company 2018-19, where he was responsible for day to day accounting operations.

Mr. Mehboob will begin his employment on August 03, 2020. He will be based out of Sydney’s new global headquarters to be announced.

CTC | June 2020 | UpdateCTC | June 2020 | Update

Daneil Manu, Ali Mehboob
Daniel Manu, Chief Executive Officer | Ali Mehboob, Country Operations Manager

CTC developed through the need for better online privacy and security. During the inception into the Australian market, we have been fortunate to meet many industry leaders and allow them a sneak peek into the future. Several major developments within a research division identified the lack of online security individuals expose their credit/debit card data.

Alarming figures also show, lack of knowledge as to where consumers’ data is stored or displayed for cyber criminals, hackers to gain access.

To all our loyal and trusted Consumers and Merchants who have followed us from the initial beginning – it is with absolute delight the team at CTC, thank you for your ongoing TRUST and SYNERGY to REVOLUTIONIZE the Industry experience for Consumers as a whole!

Further updates this month to follow!

Best regards,

Daniel Manu | Chief Executive Officer

The Telecommunications and Other Legislation AmendmentThe Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment

(Assistance and Access) Act 2018 (commonly known as the Assistance and Access Act) amended a range of Commonwealth legislation to empower law enforcement and national security agencies to request, or compel, assistance from telecommunications providers.

READ FULL ARTICLE: https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Joint/Intelligence_and_Security/AmendmentsTOLAAct2018

Thousands of #StolenCreditCard Numbers Traded in #DarkWebThousands of #StolenCreditCard Numbers Traded in #DarkWeb

Cyble Research Team, a cybersecurity firm, has recently revealed that on the 29th of May, 2020, the data of over 80,000 credit cards were put on sale within the dark web. The new research by the firm showed that these cards seemed to have been gathered from a variety of nations spread across the globe.

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From Mr Robot to #cybercrime vigilanteFrom Mr Robot to #cybercrime vigilante

The #hacks he developed to help Mr Robot protagonist Eliot Alderson snare #criminals may have been fabricated for TV, but Marc Rogers’ latest project is having a very real impact on a “gold rush” of #cybercriminals taking advantage of COVID-19’s disruption.

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The Most Potent #Banking #Malware Receives Updates Allowing #Hackers More Control Over Infected DevicesThe Most Potent #Banking #Malware Receives Updates Allowing #Hackers More Control Over Infected Devices

#Anubis one of the most potent banking malware, has received additional features that will give hackers more control over infected devices. The additional features allow cybercriminals to operate silently without triggering the users’ awareness of their suspicious activity. 

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Change Your #Wishbone App #Password NowChange Your #Wishbone App #Password Now

If you’ve ever used the social voting app Wishbone, you need to change your account’s password immediately. #Hackers broke into the mobile app earlier this year and stole its entire database of user information, which contained over 40 million usernames, emails, physical addresses, phone numbers and passwords.

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Microsoft and Intel project converts malware into images before analyzing itMicrosoft and Intel project converts malware into images before analyzing it

#Microsoft and #Intel Labs work on #STAMINA, a new deep learning approach for detecting and classifying malware.

Microsoft and Intel have recently collaborated on a new research project that explored a new approach to detecting and classifying #malware.

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Nicknamed ShinyHunters, a group of hackers claims that it illegally sells the data of more than 73.2 million users on the dark web, reports ZDNet.

According to hackers, this data was stolen from several websites. Therefore, it include the Zoosk online dating application, the Chatbooks printing service, the Home Chef food delivery service, the SocialShare fashion platform and the American newspaper StarTribune and the health magazine Mindful.

READ FULL ARTICLE: https://www.gizchina.com/2020/05/11/hacking-data-from-73-million-internet-users-is-for-sale-on-the-dark-web/