CTC | June 2020 | Update

Daneil Manu, Ali Mehboob
Daniel Manu, Chief Executive Officer (L) | Ali Mehboob, Country Operations Manager (R)

CTC developed through the need for better online privacy and security. During the inception into the Australian market, we have been fortunate to meet many industry leaders and allow them a sneak peek into the future. Several major developments within a research division identified the lack of online security individuals expose their credit/debit card data.

Alarming figures also show, lack of knowledge as to where consumers’ data is stored or displayed for cyber criminals, hackers to gain access.

To all our loyal and trusted Consumers and Merchants who have followed us from the initial beginning – it is with absolute delight the team at CTC, thank you for your ongoing TRUST and SYNERGY to REVOLUTIONIZE the Industry experience for Consumers as a whole!

Further updates this month to follow!

Best regards,

Daniel Manu | Chief Executive Officer