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The Telecommunications and Other Legislation AmendmentThe Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment

(Assistance and Access) Act 2018 (commonly known as the Assistance and Access Act) amended a range of Commonwealth legislation to empower law enforcement and national security agencies to request, or compel, assistance from telecommunications providers.

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Government announces stiff penalties for #COVIDSafe app privacy breachesGovernment announces stiff penalties for #COVIDSafe app privacy breaches

People caught making unauthorised use of the COVIDSafe app data, including transferring or storing it offshore, could face up to five years imprisonment under privacy safeguards contained in draft legislation.

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#Morrison says coronavirus app data will be kept in #Australia#Morrison says coronavirus app data will be kept in #Australia

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has given assurances data collected from the coronavirus contact tracing app will be kept in Australia, batting away concerns it could be collected by United States’ law enforcement agencies.

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Use of mobile phones to buy and sell illicit drugsUse of mobile phones to buy and sell illicit drugs

This study explores how police detainees in Australia use mobile phones within the illicit drug market. Fifty-nine percent of respondents had used mobile phones to buy, deliver or supply drugs, mainly through phone calls, text messages or messaging apps. Detainees who had used apps for drug buying or supplying were on average significantly younger than those using other phone-based services for drug buying or supplying. Drug suppliers were significantly more likely than drug buyers to have used messaging apps. Respondents used messaging apps for convenience and to conceal their activities. Almost 50 percent of drug suppliers report having stopped using mobile phones because of law enforcement’s ability to intercept communications.

Download PDF: https://aic.gov.au/file/7098/download?token=5Kyk0r4q

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Why Experts Want The Government To Release The Source Code Of Its Tracing AppWhy Experts Want The Government To Release The Source Code Of Its Tracing App

The Australian government’s coronavirus tracing app is set to be released soon but it hasn’t been without its fair share of controversy due to privacy concerns and a lack of clarity over whether it will be mandatory. The latest concern is that the app’s technical details might not be fully revealed for scrutiny prior to its public release and data security experts are concerned about what that could mean.

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Coronavirus tracing app given thumbs up by independent cyber security agencyCoronavirus tracing app given thumbs up by independent cyber security agency

The head of an independent agency testing the security of the Government’s new COVID-19 tracing app says she will be downloading it, adding that she is “comfortable” with what she has seen so far.

READ FULL ARTICLE: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-21/cyber-agency-supports-security-coronavirus-tracing-app/12168136

Here’s what you need to know about Australia’s coronavirus tracking appHere’s what you need to know about Australia’s coronavirus tracking app

The Federal Government is planning to release a new app to help it track and trace coronavirus.

Key points:

  • The Government’s coronavirus app will track contact with other people, not your location
  • It will automatically collect the phone number, name, age and postcode of a person you are physically near for more than 15 minutes
  • This information is encrypted and stored locally on your phone. It will only be uploaded to a central government server if you test positive to coronavirus

The tracing app will be a tool to augment traditional manual contact tracing, by using Australians’ phones to help detect who they have been in close proximity with.

READ FULL ARTICLE: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-20/how-will-australia-coronavirus-tracking-app-work/12163736