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How two-factor authentication can protect your passwordHow two-factor authentication can protect your password

Passwords aren’t hard for criminals to get around. Once they do, they can potentially access your personal information, email, banking accounts or credit card details, among other things.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) and two-step verification (2SV) make your accounts significantly more secure, often without much extra effort, thanks in part to the proliferation of smartphones.

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With Hacking on the Rise, Buy Box Experts Warns Amazon Sellers to Secure AccountsWith Hacking on the Rise, Buy Box Experts Warns Amazon Sellers to Secure Accounts

As a leading Amazon advertising agency, Buy Box Experts helps businesses manage their brand equity and sell more on Amazon. The company provides their clients with personalized consulting from a team of seasoned Amazon experts. They also offer proprietary software that decreases counterfeit listings, ensures competitive pricing, optimizes listings, and automates tedious processes so business owners have more time.

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Are your workers exposing you to cybercrime?Are your workers exposing you to cybercrime?

In Australia, cyberattacks cost the economy more than $1bn a year – yet even global security threats can be traced to a few mistakes that can easily be avoided, new research suggests.

Organisations still fall prey to cybercriminals because of the online behaviour of their staff, according to a study from comparethemarket.com.au.

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